So what is ACI?

So, what is the ACI?

Now businesses can have seamless communication with their customers through the use of text messages.

The Autonomous Customer Interface (ACI) employs SMART SMS to send, receive and respond to text messages automatically, allowing information to be sent to customers in a non-intrusive fashion. Send real-time updates to your customers. Minimize loss of customers due to long waits for orders and company information.

Place any information in the ACI for client retrieval. Roll out interactive campaigns using ACI. Send and receive information from any phone with Short Message Service (SMS).  The ACI is the worker that never sleeps; on-call for customers 7 days a week, 365 (or 366!) days a year.

With ACI, you can send, receive and respond to text messages automatically.

The ACI: Connecting you!


The ACI is not merely a Bulk SMS system; it employs the use of SMART SMS. The ACI sends, receives and responds to text messages automatically based on key words.


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